Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I'm back at long last x x x

Ok girlies, you might have noticed I have been absent from Dainty B's blog.Well I'm back, yippee ! Sorry about that , crazy busy & plus my computer keeps playing up on us, which makes it a little frustrating to use. It still works mind but it drives me mad when I try to double click on certain things as it decides it doesnt want to work ! Anyway enough boring talk, it's time for a lovely phrase for the week !

Lovely phrase don't you think ? x x

I hope to have some more delights by the weekend so keep heading back to see what I have instore. Oh & lastly, very random but has anyone got Pixie Lott's new album ? It's fab fab fab, a really girlie album ! I find myself dancing on the spot and would defo recommend it ! Light fun songs to sing along to ! We love Pixie !!