About Di x

So an ickle bit about me then ?

Well....I am a 28 year old, married gal with a passion for all things creative. I love weddings & plan to share any cutsy & unusual finds with you as much as I possibly can ! x x I am constantly trying to make this blog more appealing for you guys & hopefully over time it will become an ickly bit more exciting to read.

I have some scrumptious ideas for the blog & many creative projects to show you in detail so do please stay tuned..........

Also as a freelance designer I do have an additional design blog that some of you might like, so if you have chance head over & let me know what you think x DianeDaviesInspires 

If you have any questions contact me on the below & I will help where possible.


Guided by passion.... this story is just the beginning........

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