Sunday, 30 May 2010

Afternoon all........ just to update on yesterday's post, we didn't actually make it to the trafford for our much needed shopping spree. Yep, as usual I was behind schedule & with too much still to do, I decided to route out the old favourites from the wardrobe & pick a suitable option later at the hotel we were staying at. I opted for the black number in the end which I know isn't very colourful for a wedding but it does seem to be little bit more acceptable now a days & I thought it was quite a girly black number with lots of corsage detailing going on!

This is only a brief post but I will hopefully be updating you tomorrow on the fabulous evening reception of Beth & Eddie. The marquee was set up so perfectly, Beth had thought of every little detail & it showed, it looked gorgeous, I can't wait to show you all some of the pictures. Here is an ickle sneak peek of the delights of Beth's & Eddie's evening reception. As you can see below, Beth had organised a photo booth area filled with props & such a fab vintage photo frame for those silly drunken pictures. hehehe....

I admit I was a little tipsy & from these pictures you won’t disagree but don’t you just love the props they had !! big thumbs up from me & gem B x x x

Saturday, 29 May 2010

It's the bank holiday weekend yet again ladies & nearly June, now that is scary stuff ! I am very excited as I am off to a evening wedding reception tonight, however I am yet to decide on an outfit, so I am off to the trafford centre later with my good friend to raid the shops & go for a last minute panic buy !!! No excuse as I have had ages to get organised with this, though I do have something in mind so hopefully if the shop I am thinking of has my size I am going for that option straight away !!! Won't give the game away, however will show you some pictures hopefully Monday.

So an ickle shout out to Beth & Eddie. I hope you have a wonderful day & I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful dress tonight. yippee x x

 C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s

Friday, 28 May 2010

Me again, & I am sorry to say I haven't got round to the 2nd post for today. It has been a busy one, filled with work for my day job as well as several hours of much needed paperwork. It had to get done, house bills to sort & receipts to log. I actually really enjoy it, this is when my OCD organisation skills go into overdrive ! I can spend hours with the highlighter, making sure everything is clear & tidied away in the relevant files. Not quite finished as I seem to have a backlog for some reason, but fingers crossed I can get on top of everything over the bank holiday break !  I think that's why I loved all the preparation leading up to the wedding so much. I had my wedding file, sectioned for different parts of the day that I needed to research & cover.... i.e.  the cars / flowers / venue / guest list / gifts........the list does go on and on when you get married so I won't bore you to much.  
But anyway I couldn't leave tonight with no post at all , so I have a few more pictures to show you of the beautiful peonies in bloom ! They look so pretty in our living room, I wish they would last for ever. night all x enjoy the weekend break.

It's a really quick post for you all this morning & then later today I hope to have some more delights to view ! 

Thought this was an adorable phrase !  I like to try & post these ever so often to inspire & hopefully it becomes a source of inspiration for you to use within your wedding. 

I made our own wedding order of service booklets as I mentioned on an earlier post & it is always lovely to include a few of your favourite phrases or poems for others to read. 

We added this little phrase to the back of our booklet for our guests to view. I found it very amusing ! Hope you do too !

Both wordings are taken from 'Wedding vows & traditions ' by Cathy Howes.
x x

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Well, yet again I made an ickle trip to asos for my weekly sneak peep  & came across these floral beauties x x Very Cath Kidston inspired, this asos own brand range is a little more reasonable in price ( Cath Kidston is lush though & so worth treating yourself once in a while )

This holdall is £32.00 which I thought was quite a bargain for such a practical bag !! Ideal for hand luggage ( don't  take my word for it though & always check the travel restrictions on size allowance when travelling abroad )

& look at the matching purse you can buy as well !!

 & last but not least look at this cutesy over the shoulder option ! It's in the sale too !!!
Check out the site now :  asos

That is all for my floral overload ! Did you see what I did there, posts on flowers yesterday & floral bags today !! I like it di ! he he

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Back again..... I know this isn't quite a wedding related post but I thought a few inspiring words to get you thinking wouldn't do any harm, instead I hope it makes you smile & you begin focus on those happy thoughts whatever they may be.

Taken from a beautiful book I was given many years ago : Desiderata  ' a survival guide for life' by Max Ehrmann

night x

Good evening girlies.

What a gorgeous fews days hey, it makes such a difference when the suns shining bright don't you think ? The summer gear comes out, the pretty sandals & them all important sunglasses, please please please last Mr Summertime .... we love you x x

I'm afraid it's only an ickle post for tonight, I have to attempt to finish tidying the house from yesterday & get cooking my tea as well as get the good old pj's on as I am a very tired gal !!! I can't complain though as I have just had a lovely long weekend off with my hubby ! We had a really relaxing anniversary & thank you for all the lovely messages & texts, I can''t believe it has been a year ! It has certainly flown by, with a lot of new advertures happening & more in the pipe line ( Oh, I am NOT pregnant before some of you begin to speculate ) he he he.....but I am enjoying writing on this blog, & have a few exciting ideas for it .... all in good time peeps. 

Anyway & I really enjoyed spending a bit of quality time together at the weekend so sorry for the lack of posts.

Oh & I had to just show you these gorgeous flowers Ste sent to the Thistle on the morning of the 24th ! Beautiful peonies ! We had peonies on our wedding day &  they are certainly my favourite flower ever ! So fragile looking, I am in love with them. I attempted to take a few pictures for you all to view, however my camera wasn't on its best behaviour & these pics don't really give my gorgeous peonies justice ! Our living room now smells lovely.....

This picture above was taken in our room at the Thistle, just in cause you noticed the fancy background details, our house is not that grand ! he he x

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hey girlies, sorry for the lack of posts over the next few days, it is our anniversary  & so we are staying over at the hotel  we got married at & I can't wait. It's going to bring back all those magical memories of our special day. x

More fun posts to follow in the next few days.

x x

Saturday, 22 May 2010

When Ste & I discussed the wedding details, the cake wasn’t on the top of the priority list & budget? Well I knew I didn't want to spend too much and where do you start at knowing how much the average wedding cake should cost?! I didn't have a clue & so had a look at several wedding magazines & then on the internet. But really it’s just a cake & some of the prices I came across were crazy! I can see the amount of time and preparation that goes into a cake & it is like a piece of art as there are so many beautiful cakes, but for us two the cake really wasn’t that important but I did still want it to look pretty so what would I do?

In the end we opted for a Marks & Spencers 3 tier cake called: the Romantic pearl. Top tier chocolate, Middle sponge & bottom tier fruit cake. Yippee, we were catering for all the different tastes! We went with the ivory option & then we decorated it the night before with a colourful velvet bow around the top tier & ribbon draping down across the other two layers.

M&S do a great selection as do many of the big department stores. It's really straight forward when ordering it too & if you are organised & plan ahead you might be able to find some good discounts! I have actually just been on the M&S website & they currently have a 3 for 2 on the traditional cake option which are brought in separate tiers !! The traditional option is great as you can then decorate it how you like sitting in with your colour scheme & theme ! I am all excited. I just texted my engaged friend to let her know, however she isn’t getting married till next May so a little too early to be booking the cake !

Photo courtesy of Classic photography. Thank you again guys x

This is our pretty cake & it does look lovely but I wasn't entirely happy with the finishing touches. The table for example didn’t look great as the catering team didn’t quite display everything how I imagined. This is not their fault at all as I had never advised them how I wanted it but it didn’t look too appealing to the eye. They had added all this scrunched up fabric around the table & it wasn’t my cup of tea!! We also asked the florist to add some finishing touches with the flowers but again not what I imagined. We had some beautiful peonies on the day & these would of looked stunning on the top of the cake but the florist went with the roses , which I also love but the colours ended up clashing with the velvet ribbon & he also added some other organza ribbon which really wasn’t in my colour options at all and I just didn’t like it !! I even tried to remove some of it from the front table display but with no joy so had to leave it on !
Photo courtesy of Classic photography. Thank you again guys x

As I am writing this little post I realise I might be coming across as a little picky, but when you get married & you have all these visions & ideas for the big day & small things aren’t quite how you imagined you are allowed to have a little bit of a rant...

Our day was perfect in every way but some of the little extras & these are tiny, weren’t personally how I wanted it but hey what can you do ! Not that I am a perfectionist ( well, ok maybe ) I am very particular when it comes to colour & presentation as I come from a design background & knew what I wanted visually........ & I was disappointed with a few things and the organza ribbon was one of them ....oh & the tacky butterflies used on the flower displays........ but that is another story x x

Enough of my moan.... back to the cake in the end we actually forgot to do the cutting of the cake in front of everyone ! We did the rehearsal for the photographers who were fab, but we completely forgot the real one as we were too busy having fun. Oh well it’s only the cake! The guests did get to taste it still as we passed it out later on in the evening so all worked out well in the end.....

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Well look what I just came across......The New Kate Moss Collection at Topshop ! Not that I am a huge fan of Kate Moss as I think her bad ways & behaviour in the past isn't the most appropriate for someone who is seen as a real role model to young teenagers, however this range & the way it has been captured is gorgeous !

How angelic does she look here !!

 Maybe we are beginning to see the gorgoeus Kate in a new light ! !

I think I will be making a trip to Topshop to check out the new treats !

Floral is so on trend this season with the key pieces being the mini shorts,of course anything floral & my favourite :  Lace !! Bare that in mind for when you are planning your holiday wardrobe girlies !!

Lace can be so delicate & is really key this spring / summer ! For my wedding dress I used French hand made Chantilly lace which was just stunning .... however that story is for another time....... he he ....

nite x

How gorgeous is this girls ? Just in at Asos I think the colours work so well together. What an adorable frill detail to the hem. So fresh looking, I think it's perfect for any holidays coming up . x

Only £36.00 ! What a bargain !

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

R e c o m m e n d a t i o n

Individual fake eyelashes !

Something I would recommend to any bride to be ! Make a trip to your local salon for some individual fake eyelashes. They cost me about £10 for my big day & they were worth every penny !

 I loved them & I felt they really made my eyes stand out & they lasted a good few days as well !! They are glued on individually & look fantastic. I went with a natural option ( I think ) but if you were also tempted for nights out on the town or going to a big wedding event then you can normally get different length options.........from the subtle to the extreme......... 

What do you think ?

Image captured by Classic Photography

When budget is a big factor in finalising your special day, the decision to have favours for the day guests is surely going to be one thing you question ? Is it really necessary ?

Well again it's down to personal preference, but for me it was nice to have an extra visual on the tables as well as give the guests a little something as a thank you for joining us on our special day ! 

I knew I didn't want the good old traditional almonds as one, I don't like them & two, it's nice to think of something a little different for your day. 
I thought about chocolates, you certainly can't go wrong there but when you end up spending about £1 per person for fancy chocolate, I thought it made more sense to spend a little extra & get something everyone is going to enjoy ! Alcohol ! he he 

Image courtesy of Classic Photography.

I went with ickle miniatures as who doesn't like a free drink at a wedding !! We weren't going to do a free bar as that can be so very expensive & then you always get a few guests who unfortunately take advantage of that & ask for several bottles of wine at every opportunity & get the most expensive cocktails on the menu! Oh & champagne a plenty !

The reason, I say this is I have seen it happen at a wedding I went to and while I hoped my guests would of been respectful of the fact it is a wedding & we are paying lots of pennies out for one day, you are at a wedding to enjoy yourself & free booze is being offered to you on a plate! So who wouldn't take advantage of that !!

So this was 1 of our ways of giving our guests a free drink ! We also did it for the night guests & even brought extra miniatures & handed them out later on,once everyone had vacated to the late bar for more chatting & jenga !!! ( yep we had a giant jenga set up from the day time & all the boys had bets when playing! lots of fun )  
If you do go with miniatures check with your venue that it is allowed !! But of course be clever at how you discuss it with them ! Don't blurt out that the miniatures are for guests so they don't spend a fortune buying your over priced alcohol for example ! It is however a good way of working around their crazy bar prices ! x he he. Prehaps a little sneaky but it worked for us , & I think the guests were chuffed !

We went with Baileys for the ladies ( except me who had vodka as I am a fussy one & don't like it ) & then we went with Jack Daniels for the men. In hine sight,  jack daniels is quite a high percentage alcohol so maybe should of opted for a weaker option as I noticed 1 or 2 of my friends a little too merry before the evening do even began ! he he . oh well its a wedding !! x

So other favours that might float your boat.....well I am going to have a route around for other ideas & if you liked this post let me know & I will get some other alternatives on here as soon as I can ! 

Monday, 17 May 2010

Evening peeps.......

It's only a brief one for tonight i'm afraid, I have had a busy day at work, & need to get my tea & then a little bit more work for me to do....... all good fun though.

Good News............ I have a full Wednesday to go blogging crazy so plan to get several posts at the ready for you guys to check out !

Also with a week until our 1st year wedding anniversary, it is about time I get some pictures on here of our special day !! This is more than likely going to be in a few weeks time so I will keep you posted !

Well , I have just made a trip to Superdrug online & came across an advertisement for 3 for 2 across ALL skincare ! Excellent. Lets go wild !

Anyone got any holidays coming up ?! Well these are my treats for the day !

1st pick  .....

Carmex Lip care ! Moisturing Lip balm ! I actually just bought myself some of this yesterday & smells lovely & makes you lips feel all tingly ! This particular 1 is in the 3 for 2 as well.

One thing you will need on the special day is lip balm / or lip gloss so make sure you put one of the Bridesmaids in charge of this !

2nd pick ...

Hand cream ! With the build up to the wedding it is very important that the nails are given some TLC... I am a shocker when it comes to my nails. I did so well with the lead up to the big day but they are not in the best of states at the minute so a hand cream is always great to have in the handbag !

My favourite ? Vaseline Nail & hand lotion. Smells lush !

Ok, last but not least on the 3 for 2 options.....

Facial Scrub ! This is also on the 3 for 2 however don't forget your cheapest item is free & this option is around the £4.00 mark while the others are more like £2 so buy wisely !

However this is a great buy ! One of my good friends got me into this & while it is personal preference, I love this stuff ! Great on holiday when you need to scrub up after the day the beach ! You can also get it in a miniature form which is great for holidays ! I think that's always the best way to test the product out too !

Oh & of course SUNCREAM is a must for your holly wolly's & Superdrug also have 3 for 2 on a choice of branded sun care !! Good times xx

night night x

Friday, 14 May 2010

Good Afternoon Ladies,

As usual I have been looking at good old Asos for ideas today & came across these gorgeous treats by Disney Couture ! What I love about their range is while Disney is normally seen as a young brand with all your fab character's like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland & tinkerbell from Peter Pan this brand range is just so trendy & unique & I am actually just too excited..... I am looking through all the avaliable jewellery & there are just too many options !

I also love the messages written on some of the jewellery, very inspiring phrases ! Now which one should I buy !

I love this one for the very meaningful word used ! Believe & you can achieve anything !

This particular 'Believe' necklace is in the sale as well !!

I love this necklace, how adorable !

I just went and had a look at House of fraser to compare prices & even though they say on the site that they have £5 off the Disney Couture range it's still more expensive than Asos !

We love Asos !!!

The words on this bangle are also really sweet

'Think Wonderful thoughts' 

Just so adorable !

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Ok, I have deliberated for a few weeks now on whether to show you these exciting images as it is giving the game away a litte, or is it ? I hope not & they are everywhere on the internet so I am sure you have probably seen some of these before but I couldn't resist!

 So look who we found in a beautiful lace wedding dress .....

Who can forget 1st time round when Carri wore the most stunning Vivienne Westwood gown :

I love that the bridesmaids ( other sex & the city gals ) wore their own signature colour, that symbolised their character well ! 

So let's wait & see what's in store for our Samantha hey x x