Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sorry girlies, having a little time out ! Be back soon x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Oh no ! Gutted ! This mini post was supposed to make an appearance on here at 8am this morning but in a tad rush to get to sleep last night I must of pressed the wrong button & so the post wasn't published ! Oh well , what can you do ! So at last here it is !

Just a tiny post for today girlies! The next big treat will be this Wednesday but I couldn't resist in showing you a little graphic development I designed recently. Inspired by 'Alice in Wonderland' I had a little play around with the font & colours is illustrator & tried to keep it quite light & fun ! It's just one of a few graphics I have been working on & while it's only a basic design thought it was a cutie !  

Do you like ?!

Just a little bit of colour to brighten up your day !

This is for my Hubby, who did extremely well at the Tough Guy on Sunday & passed the finish line with no injuries ! yippee x x

Monday, 26 July 2010

For today I have decided to put a few words of wisdom on Dainty B, positive meanings to get you thinking at the beginning of this working week. Sometimes we need an ickle boost that can change our mood & attitude for the day ahead.

The wording above is anonymous, but the design & font has been created by moi x

Another little phrase I came across really got me thinking & I thought it was one that might help some of you out there who could currently be on a difficult road.  

‘ I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear’  Nelson Mandela

& lastly a quote taken from my Desiderata -A survival guide for life by Max Ehrmann book :

With all its sham, drudgery & broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world '

So for today girlies look at what beauty surrounds you & take time to think about all your friends & family. Cherish them & let them know you care !! I know this will make you feel good & will also make your loved ones smile ! 

Enjoy your Monday all.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Yikes, Sunday already ! I can't believe how fast these weeks are going ! My thoughts were to do a DIY post today but I'm not that organised & so its going to be a little info post, giving you a small insight into the new ideas & features that are to follow for Dainty B.

I only started this blog a few months ago now & I am really enjoying the creativeness of it all & the colourful, wedding related posts that I get to look at  & develop further ! It means I get to surround myself with more wedding delights & its making me smile! It is also very handy as I am helping friends of ours who are set to get married later next year so all this research is being put to good use.I am actually going to be helping them with a number of ickle details including their wedding invites so as I do the research I will keep you all in the loop & show you how the designing process goes, where I am sourcing any materials & of course the finished article ( this will be once the invites have been delivered of course , don't want to give the game away ! )

Also a good friend of mine who is getting married next May is going to be making an appearance on Dainty B. in the near future. Believe me this gal is one organised lady & it will make for some great posts for you girlies. I keep hearing all the updates for this special day & I am very excited , this is going to be one fab wedding ! whoop whoop.

As this is a new blog it is important to try & get as many girlies reading it & hopefully telling their friends about it so I get even more readership. Now while I have an amazing 600+ followers on twitter, my facebook group page & followers link on this page are pretty low, so if you like what you see all I ask is that you follow me & pass it on for others to see.

My facebook group page can be found here. Just click on L.I.K.E if you are a fan. x x

So for today I am going to finish this post with an ickle good luck wish to my hubby who is currently running Tough Guy for Charity & fingers crossed makes it safely over the finish line. This is one extreme charity event with an 8 mile run & then a truly crazy obstacle course that follows. I am not joking when I say fire / underwater tunnels & barb-wire make an appearance. I am currently a nervous wreck till I hear my phone ring & know he has passed the finish line with no cuts or bruises ! Yikes .x x  


Oh & make sure you head back tomorrow as I have a very positive phrase for Monday & I hope it makes any of you girlies who are feeling a tad low, or under the weather a little more optimistic ! x x

Friday, 23 July 2010

I adore Jenny Packham. Her work is beautiful & the delicate fabrics that Jenny works with are amazing. I have seen this next image a few times, in many gossip mags & bridal mags & wanted to share with you all as this stunning gown makes me want to attempt another dress ! I love it & would love to try & re-create something as detailed & as wonderful as this ! But it's a difficult task & one at the minute I am not going to even try. This gown has a very structured bodice which for me is difficult. I work best on the manniquin with simple patterns that I can re-work with the main focus being on the fabrics & details I use to the dress. My pattern cutting skills aren't that advanced,  I don't think, maybe I could take inspiration from this & start my own version. hhhhmmmm, thats another idea to add to the list !

So instead I admire this image below and think WOW this is utterly gorgeous & if I got to do my wedding day all over again a Jenny Packham dress it would be. Well if it was in price range that is, they are amazing dresses but also quite pricey so maybe I would just admire from a far ! This particular dress that Miley Cyrus has on is approx £14,000 if I read the article in one of my bridal mags correctly ! ouch.......but still its a stunner & if you had the money who wouldn't want this beauty ! Don't panic though girlies Jenny Packham dresses aren't normally as crazy priced as this, but you would be looking at a few thousand pounds for a JP dress, worth every penny in my eyes though.  x

I can't stop admiring this dress ! It makes me want to organise a trip to London sometime soon to check out the gorgeous Berwick street again as the fabric shops down there are like a huge sweet shop to me & get my creative juices flowing ! If I do make a trip, i will try to take some pictures for you all to see what I am talking about as these fabric stores have everything from delicate lace, to stunning chiffon silks to beading trims & the most stunning tulles you can imagine. I am getting all excited at the thought of it !

Right task for this weekend book a trip to 'London Baby' x

So for today I leave you with this other Jenny Packham beauty ! The raw edging on this dress looks gorgeous, you can just tell from this image that the fabrics used on this dress will  just drape so well when worn & I can imagine this model floating around like a little angel fairy in it !

I love it x x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I'm back at long last with more scrumptious imagery from Beth & Eddie's special day ! Sorry about the ickle delay, I got side-tracked at my local homeware store & the time ran away with me ! I did treat myself ( & hubby of course ) to a new clock for our back room !
Annyyyy-wwwaaayyy  these last few shots are to tide you over till my next post Thursday or Friday dependent on my workload & then before we know it the weekend has arrived & it's more DIY specials for you to view !

So not only did Beth & Eddie have my favourite ' peonies' but they also had beautiful vintage roses as this image below ! x Can you see the coloured water in the bottle to the left ? Beth had mini jars on the tables & some of these were filled with coloured water. Really girlies, every little detail was thought out so well ! A lot of hard work & time went it to it & it really paid off, it looked beautiful x

Now look at these little details ! How sweet ! Beth had a table with a mini branch tree & lots of plain swing tags for people to write little messages on & leave for Beth & Eddie to read through at later date !

Make a Wish !

I do actually have a few more images to show you so will try my best to get more on here asap!

All these intricate details were achieved through hard work & it just shows what personal touches you can add to your special day ! Beths creative streak really did shine through on her wedding day with some amazing details that she made herself ! You are one creative kitten Beth & thumbs up from moi !

Adorable !

Nite all x x

Good morning peeps ! Ok, I have a special treat in store today & have decided to do two posts on this next feature, giving me time to get all the images ready & also keeping you in suspense for a little longer. he he. x x 

An ickle bit of background :

A while ago now I mentioned going to the beautiful wedding of Beth & Eddie. Yes the adorable Beth who has just recently opened the scrumptious cupcake shop with a her good friend Hannah. A few months ago now I received a beautiful, hand-made invite for the evening reception in a country garden inspired marquee filled with bunting details, paisley & floral overloads & beautiful extra's displayed everywhere for people to see. The attention to detail was amazing!

Now once again my camera was having a bad day & decided to make most of my pictures dull & blurry but I have been able to re-vamp what images did turn out & here is a snippet of what is still to come later today. 


I adore Peonies & the flowers Beth had at her wedding were lush ! Really fresh & country inspired ! Beth had a large selection of jars, with single bud flowers, ribbon & trim details. Look at this adorable extra ! Lace detailing around the bottom, cute butterfly treats & floral beading !
 Wait & see what else I have to show you ............We have ' Love notes in a bottle, watercans filled with colourful flowers & cupcake overloads ' 
 Stay tuned, you are going to love it ......................

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Cath Kidston  is a big love of mine & I have several different CK delights in my house, some of which I showed you a few weeks ago now ! Well I was having a good look on the internet & came across these sale treats that I needed to tell you about asap !!!

John Lewis currently has a sale on some of these CK products & these two options are half price !! Love it !  Any birthdays coming up ? I am actually really excited about these & might have to think as far ahead as Christmas & get some of these ready for pressies !

Look what else I noticed ! Now these weren't in the sale but I thought they could be lovely little extras for your weddng day details & wanted to show you a little more of CK heaven !

Do you have a country Vintage style wedding day coming up ? With adorable bridesmaid dresses that sit in with this theme ? How cute would it be to add these CK scented pocket hangers on to the dresses ! I think these are really sweet & you could team it up with these suit bags to put your bridesmaid dresses in to keep clean & tidy ! Thumbs up from moi !

I know I keep getting carried away with all these Sale posts but when there are so many deals out there I can't resist in telling you about them ! Weddings are an expensive time so any treats at  bargain prices are great news for the bank balance !

Anyway that's all for today but with a truly wonderful wedding wednesday around the corner, I would head back tomorrow girlies for more scrumptious posts from moi !  

Monday, 19 July 2010

Words taken from 'Wedding Vows & traditions' by Cathy Howes, font & colour scheme created by moi x 

Enjoy todays phrase & make sure you head back later in the week for more scrumptious posts !

Sunday, 18 July 2010

At last I have a few photo's of my wedding invites to show you. Now unfortunately my camera is having a bit of an off-day & has decided to not be as clear & bright as I would have liked ! Think it is a little hungover like me ! he he. Yes, a late night for me, & after about 6 vodka's, blackcurrant & lemo I was still up for partying. This meant being quite delicate today but not that bad considering, I am up & on the computer instead of in my cosy bed wallowing in my own self-pity  )

Sorry, digressed there slightly, anyway here are a few tips when making your own wedding invites! A lot of fun but make sure you give yourself plenty of time to make them as everything always takes longer than you would like !

  • A good tip when adding ribbon details is to burn the ends of the ribbon to stop it from fraying !  Keep an eye on it though as you don't want the whole ribbon catching fire, but it is a great idea to melt the edges as I did below  ! Works a treat.

  • Always try to bare in mind how time-consuming it could end up being ! I went abit over board with the detailing which meant everything took longer than expected ! The more layers of card you have the more double sided tape & time you need ! Lots of fun though, but do consider this when picking the style & design .x

  • We went with pocketfold invites as I wanted to add information on the venue as well as directions for the guests to have. We also had a map which added a bit of colour to the invites.

I hope you like the style of them, not the best pictures I know but I tried !

Enjoy your day all x

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Well hello Ladies,

So hopefully this Sunday I am going to show you an ickle bit more of the wedding invites I created for our special day but while I am compiling this I thought it was only right to pass on this website Stylemeprettty to all you lovely girlies to look at for inspiration ! This was my source of inspiration when I was researching back in 2008 /2009 & since then an array of gorgeous UK sites have been created with a similar feel including my very favourite Rockmywedding. I love them both & Stylemepretty is just amazing with such adorable imagery & ideas for your special day. You really could spend hours looking through this website & I really love it x x 
Go get yourself a good cuppa, some choco biscuits & enjoy the read !

So after having a little sneak peep on there myself this morning, this is my image of the day !  I love anything floral & this is such a cute idea for your guests & it really is an easy & inexpensive detail to re-create too ! Check it out : Stylemepretty

While for this week I am looking at Wedding invites I feel in the near future I must try this DIY project out for all you girlies to view. I think a trip to paperchase is in order to get those creative juices flowing ! I also have another cutesy idea that you girlies might like, please be patient & I will try my best to have it on here to view shortly.

Oh la la, I have got a little giddy about this now . x x 

Enjoy your day peeps, I am off out with the hubby on a fun golf comp today ! Yes I know golf isn't really a sport I would say I enjoy but it's a good chance to catch up with friends, spend time with my favourite man & enjoy the surroundings ! Oh my family are also playing in this comp today so a good catch up is in order & of course we need to win !

Friday, 16 July 2010

Happy Friday Girlies !

Dainty B. is trying to get a few DIY posts on here soon & with the weekend around the corner, head back this Sat/ Sun for a closer look at my wedding invites including a few tips on how it can be achieved. But for today I couldn't resist in showing you these gorgeous ickle treats from John Lewis at only £6.00 each. What an adorable gift idea !

East of India do some lovely gifts & I hope to do another post some time soon focusing in on this more. Stay tuned........
Do you like today's  post  then ? 

If you do, then keeping checking out Dainty B. as I have some very exciting posts planned for next week ! Is there anything in particular you think I am not covering & want to see more of ? If you like what you see but feel it needs a ickle bit of something else, do drop me a mail & I will see what I can do for future posts!

Dainty B. is at the beginnnig of an exciting journey with lots of creative ideas planned so be patient ........if you like what you see, please tell others & then hopefully over time it will get bigger & better !
Oh & this 'Special Bridesmaid' box is such a lovely extra pressie for any little B'maids you might have on your wedding day.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

That time again, & I am very excited to show you the scrumptious delights of Juicylucydesigns. These little box of messages are adorable & I have several with a new addition from some friends only last week. The illustrations are adorable  & the wordings that go with it are just Lush.

They also do some adorable mugs.

The design team where I work, which consists of Danielle, myself & Beth all have our own individual mugs. How cute are these ! Mine is 'Hurrah ! It's biscuit O'clock' he he x

Oh & I have to show you the 3rd mug that is used so frequently in the Design office. We love our tea & coffee x

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


It's Wonderful Wednesday & 'Bridal affire' day, so I have decided to concentrate on Nightwear ! What, I hear you say ! How the hell has nightwear got anything to do with a Wedding !! Well, the night before the big day is one of calm & relaxation ( hopefully ) & how much better would it be if you had a brand new pair of Pj's or a camisole set! Also girlies it is important to be thinking of the morning of the wedding while getting your hair & make-up done ! A new set is a must in my eyes & one I didn't think about at the time ! The last few weeks leading up to my big day where so hectic & somehow I seemed to miss buying a new pair of pj's & really regret it ! Sounds silly I know but I love pj's & love it when you get into bed wearing a new pair! We also stayed at the venue the night before & so nightwear should have been factored into the weekends events !

I have also seen many a photo where the bridesmaids & the bride to be all have matching loungewear !  This is a great idea if the budget covers it & makes for more excitement & fun on your special day. But if budget is a little squeezed then check out these finds - all in the sale, but girlies this means limited availability in sizes so get on Asos asap !

Girlies, Asos also have a huge selection of lingerie so it could be a great place to pick up a few treats for the honeymoon ! Go make yourself a tea or coffee, & just stroll through the array of finds on this site. Enjoy the shop x x

How adorable !

I thought these spotted pj bottoms where so cute !! Maybe the bride to be &her  bridesmaids could all buy a pair of the bottoms & then head to primark for a coloured vest top at a bargain price. Then get all your names printed on the back & the date of the wedding ! Just an idea ?

& last but not least this printed camisole for only £12.00. x

Now the matching trousers are out  of  stock, however I personal would team this delicate top with a block colour trouser as a printed bottom might be a bit too much ! Even a charcoal jersey option would look good ! Now these below are just an example as they too are out of stock but I am sure you could pick up a cheap pair from the high street that would be suitable. x 
Night all  x x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Ok girlies, exciting news, ASOS has a sale on & it's a biggy !! If you have any events coming up & require outfits, shoes, accessories, beauty products, gifts, you name it Asos covers it. !

Now this isn't quite my 'Anything Goes' post for this week but I was too excited to tell you about  it, as it really is a must for any clothes you need to purchase ! Got that important Honeymoon coming up or what about Bridesmaid dresses ? Something a little on the unique side ? Well Asos has so many brands on there & with a sale like this you need to have a good route !! What I also think is a huge plus with Asos is it's free delivery when you spend over a certain amount & then free returns ! You can't do much better than that ! 

So I have had a quick look myself before & this is my buy of the day ! If I had a beautiful wedding to head to I would be purchasing this Karen Millen stunner .

 This bag is so unique ! I L.O.V.E it !  

So with this ASOS sale really getting me jumping for joy, tomorrow's 'Bridal Affire' post will focus in on some bargain finds for the Bride & her Bridesmaids. Keep watching x x

Oh & don't forget Thursdays 'Anything goes' post as that it a little bit of cutesy. x

Monday, 12 July 2010

Phrase of the day ! Such a  meaningful one that will hopefully get you thinking. It is so important to have hopes  & dreams for your future & when times are tough or not going quite to plan always think ahead, striving for something better.Keep focusing on that until it comes true ! Anything is possible if you truly believe in it !

Words taken from my awesome book 'Wedding vows & traditions' by Cathy Howes. Colours & font put together by Moi ! Hope it brings thought & smiles to your day. x

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Good Morning all,

Thought it was about time I showed you some more of the details from our special day.Then fingers crossed next week I can show you the home-made wedding invites and how to create the look behind it.

These little details below were made by moi with a little help from the other half at times of stress. It is quite easy to do & lots of fun. You will need the following : 

  • Computer with a goodish printer - Don't foget your ink cartridges girlies - Make sure you budget for this and have plenty to finish it all off. x
  • Microsoft Word doc of some sort. ( I did use photoshop or illustrator for these but not everyone has those programs & it can easily be done using a word doc instead.)  
  • Card which I ordered from an online business. Probably not the cheapest now but reliable. I ended up buying A4 card for the Menu cards & then cut it to size. I was able to make 3 menu  cards out of 1 piece of card in each colour option - the ivory & the dark blue background.
  • Double sided tape or Spray mount - dependent on budget. Spray mount is expensive but it is very good. Make sure if  you are in an area with lots of fresh air & space as this spray mount glue is strong! 
  • Time & plenty it. These things always take longer than you would first think.x
  • & Patience. he he. There where times when I wanted to chuck the printer up the floor when it wasn't doing what I wanted but hey if you get to this point, walk away & finish another day x

Images courtesy of ClassicPhotography. Thank you guys x

Do you like?

I am sure there are some other little details you will need when making your home-made stationary but its a little early in the morning for me to remember.

Hope this helps though x

Friday, 9 July 2010

Evening all, just a quick message for tonight, the next installement will be over the weekend with some D.I.Y details. But as you can see it has been a few days since I did a post & while this will be the norm going forward with either a Tuesday or Thursday 'Anything goes' post I would normally have a Friday post for you to view so lets try again. It's a little late on in the evening but as it is now officially the weekend why not treat yourself to the below bargain find !

My hubby has just come home with this Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne as it was only £13.99 on offer at tescos !! Got any Weddings coming up soon or even parties ?! This could be a great little gift to take with you !

He also said other Champagnes where on offer too! Interesting, if you do head over to tescos make sure you take your tesco clubcard with you !! the points add up you know x x

Looking forward to drinking this treat at the weekend ! he he x