Friday, 30 April 2010

Party Bags......

Morning girlies.

Well I did say I would do this fancy bag post a few days ago but it's been kinda busy ! But with the bank holiday nearly here & wedding season certainly upon us , it's time to get shopping for the essential evening bag accessory to go with that well thought outfit.

So here are a few of the many favourites out there .......

This very sexy clutch is currently available at a new funky site called IL2L.

 It's in the sale as well, even better !

A few people I know have bought things from there & say the delivery on items is spot on !

They also do some great mens & ladies leather & pleather jackets. It's my hubby's birthday coming up so that could be an option as it's so hard to know what to buy him !
Maybe I could do a post in a few weeks concentrating on men's treats ? What do we think ?

Anyway once again I have digressed........

So I love these two sweet clutches by Karen Millen at asos. A bit more on price than the one above but worth it if you have a few weddings coming up !
Bows are still on trend & I love them !!!

I had a lot of Bow details for my wedding, from jewellery through to the bridesmaid dresses & the cake ! That is another post .... oh, how exciting all these things to tell you about....

I love the below one for colour, but girls be warned this gal has taken it a little to the extreme.... We all love bows but try not to go overboard.

 Either / or...... but not both !
I  do like this dress below but I personally would have teamed it up with a contrast bag !
Just my thought on it x he he

Ok, last one for today but prehaps this should be a regular post ? There are so many gorgeous bags about & girls who doesn't like bags ?

This is a French Connection one but again I spotted it on asos. ! Asos is just so fab for getting everything you need from the same place !

Oh & this is available in 2 colours ! Even better.x

Enjoy your day peeps x

24.05.09...Our Special day x

The Order of Service booklet .......

I love making things & being creative so it was very important for me to make a lot of the stationary details myself.

The only advise I would give is to start early as it always ends up taking longer than you originally hoped. x x Oh & enjoy it  !

This above photo is courtesy of classic photography.

I typed & printed the Order of Service booklets myself & then using the sewing machine I added a row of contrast stitching to make it stand out more !

I also added a small glass heart charm to the top corner to finish each booklet off !

 Hope you like !

Here are a few close-up photo's, however as you can see they aren't as professional as the 1 above that David & Jane captured on our wedding day. I have just taken these 2 on my small camera ( note to oneself -start a penny bank for a new wide lense camera please ) x

Oh & I got these heart details from the bead shop in Manchester. It worked out a real bargain. They have some gorgeous charms there !

Check it out on-line

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Yum yum.....

Look what I just found at the sales counter of Topshop. What fab delights !

From £4.00 to only £2.00 what a bargain !!

How awesome would they be for your favors / or a present for the other half ! With loads of possibilities & such a bargain price ya better buy them quick !

You get loads as well ! 
If I have done my maths correctly there should be a total of 24 chocolates !!

They taste good too !

Oh & I have just checked the used by date & it says 08 /11. Even better !!

You can buy in advance ready for your scrumptious wedding. Warning - hide from the groom to be otherwise they won't last 2 minutes ! he he

An ickle message for Mr H.....

 x x x

Monday, 26 April 2010

I need an outfit !!!

Ok girls, I have a wedding coming up in less than a month & my tatty wardrobe certainly needs some love !
At the moment I am too busy to go on a big mission around the stores & to be honest I have kinda lost the love with clothes shopping at the moment. That said, accessories are another matter..... I ended up buying myself a new floral bow detail alice band as well as a new floral umbrella yesterday !

I know, a bit silly as it's now spring but I do get the train everyday to & from work & the weather tends to change several times a day ! Take today for instance........I began my journey, quite cold with the good old winter coat with me ( & summer shoes-yes these did not match at all !!)  then I had an ickle walk from the station with a sprinkle of rain, & then I left today with the sun beaming bright ! Great, really helps when trying to decide my working outfits !

Anyway ........when it comes to clothes shopping, I am a little out of practise.

 So that's why I love asos !  

How cute is this dress ?

 It's a warehouse one, however I couldn't see it on their site which is a bit bizarre, but it is available on asos !
So delicate, I just had to show you. It is down to personal taste & this dress does look gorgeous on the model because of her snow white looks ! & nudes are seriously on trend at the moment but for me it's not really an option as I have the wrong skin tone to pull it off,  but hey wanted to show you guys any way !

The bag ? Well that is another accessorize find !

I am loving it in there at the moment. That is where I bought the alice band from, oh & the umbrella & did I mention earlier that I ended up buying the mini purse I blogged about a few weeks ago ! he he . I can't help it ! it's just too girlie in there !!

It looks even prettier in real life ! he he he x x

Maybe I will do another post on bags tomorrow as that is another thing I just love !!!  & who doesn't want to see what fab treats I can find ! & with lots of parties happening, wedding related or not it's shopping time !

See you all then x x

Sunday, 25 April 2010

A treat & a half !

What an amazing day I have just had !

A last minute booking at the Macdonald spa in Manchester with 3 of my special girls & what a blast ! I had to mention it to you all as it is such a lovely idea for a hen weekend / or a treat for the Mother of the Bride off the Bride to be. 

Or even just an excuse for a girlie weekend, chilling away in pure relaxation like us girls did today.  

I would recommend this spa to you all ! Just off Piccadilly Station in Manchester this is really easy to get to & the surroundings & staff at the spa were just lovely.

 Look at these beautiful pics of the place ! 

All four of us girlies opted for the back massage treatment which was so relaxing & took all those stresses away.

Below is the thermal suite which had a rock sauna / steam room as well as heated lounges to relax away on.

& this picture below is the Chill-out den !
It was truly that !

With complementary tea or coffee & dimmed lighting for pure relaxation this was perfect for us girlies to mellow out as well as have a much needed natter.

Oh & I have to mention the oriental lunch that's included in the package we went for today, it was delicious.

This picture isn't as fancy as the others but at least it shows you what the food was like ! We all went for the salmon noodles, however other options including vegetable & chicken. yum yum x x

Excellent day & very very reasonable in price too !!

 If it is something you are interested in check out the website :

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Beautiful invite.....

Mr postman had a lovely pink envelope surprise for me this morning, yes girlies a wedding invitation !

 & in that lovely pink envelope was another envelope beautifully wrapped with pink papered ribbon & name tag !

I just had to share it with you all. How gorgeous !

Not only does my friend Beth work crazy hours doing the most delicious cupcake treats ( more on that in a few weeks time ) but she has found time to create her own wedding invitations & the attention to detail is so adorable.

From the perfect mix in colours to the font used on the card this invite just looks so pretty & I am so excited to see what she has in store for her big day !!!

It even had a gorgeous pink acceptance envelope & mini card for you to reply to !

I love it !

Friday, 23 April 2010

Vera Wang

While we are on the subject of Vera Wang I have to mention the beautiful wedding book I received off my mum & dad on my wedding day  :

Vera Wang does some stunning wedding gowns & I took inspiration from her style for my own wedding dress which I created myself. I will be writing more posts on my dress in the near future as designing &making it was very important for me & looking back I am not quite sure how I achieved it now, but I did & I am so proud of myself.

Anyway I digressed....... Vera Wang gowns are just too beautiful but also huge amounts of money so this is a way of having an ickle bit of Vera Wang in our lives.

I have my copy safely boxed away with other wedding treats. 

If you do end up buying this book for yourself or as a gift for someone else , I would recommend buying it at Amazon as it is nearly half the price as other major department stores.  

Enjoy the read !

Thursday, 22 April 2010

You smell so sweet !

One important factor to consider for your special day is your beautiful smell of perfume !
 I love the fact that everytime I spray my wedding day perfume all those gorgeous memories come flooding back & it truly makes me smile !

Perfume is a very individual thing & it also depends on what your other half likes, but ste & I narrowed it down to 2 perfumes for our special day : 

  'Princess' by Vera Wang
 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs.

I had never wore either perfume before, but both smelt divine. In the end it was the perfect choice of 'Daisy', so fresh & romantic.

This wedding photo was taken by David & Jane at Classic photography.
tank you guys x x

A good tip is to always think ahead & buy in the sales ! Weddings as we know are a pricey time & perfume can be quite expensive when thinking about everything else you need to buy for your special day. But really girls this is a must buy !!

Every time I spray my 'Daisy' it really does remind me of the big day.

What a decorative bottle as well !

And I just love this gift set !

Oh & for all those girlies who aren't a fan of 'Daisy', then my 2nd choice was going to be 'Princess' by Vera Wang. The bottle & packaging are so girly,& who doesn't want to be the princess on the big day !

Love it ! x x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Travel extra's continued........

Hey Peeps

After the recent Cath Kidston overload I thought it was only right to show you what other travel treats I came across. Just you wait........

These passport holders are so quirky and with all flights back on track after that volcanic ash drama, it's time to get packing !

This is actually a John Lewis option & I think its well funky !

& these 2 below are topshop creations. I love the design of these.

Got a long flight ahead of you ? well how adorable is this eye mask by moschino !

Currently 'out of stock' but it does have a price tag of $130.00 so maybe not ! yep girls,adorable but well and truly out of budget ! We can admire instead.

Oh so  Cute !

I did however come across this asos version but again 'out of stock' so fingers crossed they get some more in soon as I would love this !

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

All in good time x

This is just the beginnings of my new cutesy wedding blog. 

 Over the next few weeks I hope to post snippets of my wedding day along with so many creative & colourful posts. ! Wedding gift ideas, jewellery, wedding favors, bridal shoes.....basically anything & everything that will help inspire you towards your wedding day.
Oh & let’s not forget friends of the brides !!! I am also one of them with 3 of my friends recently getting engaged.
So, you know what this means.....I am surely going to explode with all things
W  E  D  D  I  N  G  S  !

Believe me the list is endless so keep tuned for more, more , more.  x x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Phrase of the day !

Words taken from the book : 'Wedding vows and traditions '
by Cathy Howes.

I went for blue shades yet again on this 'phrase of the day' image I compiled in photoshop as blue is one of my favourite colours & I think it works really well. x x


While we are talking honeymoons, I wanted to just show you a sneak peak of our honeymoon last May. It really was such a beautiful place & the views were just stunning !
This is in the Maldives & as you can see, perfect, perfect, perfect !

I will try & get some more photos on here in the next few weeks, hope you can wait !

Cath Kidston Overload......

Ok girlies....Cath kidston time ! When it comes to the honeymoon, you just gotta buy yourself some girlie treats for the journey with the new hubby !

I love these eye masks and pillow sets, which are so funky !

My honeymoon is well and truly been and gone but with another holiday booked in for June, I am so going to treat myself to this pink and white star set ! too cute !!!!

These are my favourites but check out the website for lots more lovelyness.

Who doesn't love Cath Kidston ?

I actually first noticed the above eye mask and travel pillow at asos but then went over to the cath kidston website for more print options. I think this one is my favourite though !  well actually the below one is also mightly colourful !

Her accessories are just fab, fab, fab ! 
Then we have more passport holders.....

hhhhhhmmmmm....... which to buy !!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Alice in Wonderland continued.........

I think this colour is gorgeous ! Anyone agree ?

Monday, 5 April 2010

Wedding gifts !

Struggling for that perfect quirky wedding gift ?

These Emma bridgewater Mr & Mrs mugs are just fab !

 We have a pair & I love them !
In fact I might go and make myself a cuppa in my beautiful mug as we speak !  x

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Oh so cute !

The 'Alice in Wonderland' 3d film has really made an impact on trends this season. From fashion to make-up, Alice is everywhere !

I love this limited edition make-up set from Urban Decay, it is just awesome !!!