Saturday, 28 August 2010

It's  the weekend & even better it's bank holiday weekend ! I love it !

Did you know that Net-a-porter do a Bridal Boutique ? For you girlies out there who haven't heard of Net-a-porter this is the site of all sites to look at designers current collections & admire from afar. I say admire from afar because the prices of these beauties are a little out of reach but it's always great to have a good look at the beautiful collections designers have available. My favourites being  Marc Jacobs, Stella Mccartney, Chloe & Mulberry to name a few. I have never in my life owned any of these creations but it doesn't mean I don't have a good look at what they have each season.

So I also go on Net-a-porter for work. As a outerwear designer I need to research all of the trends for the season & look at each collection & pick out certain pieces that might then inspire us when designing.When I accidently notices these treats I knew I would have to head back after work hours & it was a must for Dainty B.

This piece is certainly a Wow factor !

This one is a Vivienne Westwood creation & I couldn't resist adding this on to the site ! This is a statement piece !

Then we have Temperley London

Why not use Net-a-porter as inspiration & actually get your own gown made by a professional seamstress. More than likely at half the price as well! I think these 2 delicate gowns below could be re-created by a professional seamstress. Then you can add you own individual touch to the garment, by prehaps adding frill detailing or beading to help complete the look. I Like these delicate designs :

I like this next one by Lanvin because of the beautiful fabrics used & the raw edges achieved on the garment. Personally it isn't my favourite colour for a wedding dress & the styling would need a little bit of work but I love the corsage detailing with the mixes in the chiffons & the silks & it looks so pretty x

This corsage detailing it so easy to re-create. It could even be something you have a go at yourself !

Oh la la , it's got me feeling all creative again ! Well girlies enjoy your bank holiday weekend & I will see you with a few more treats in the week. x x

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

R o m a n c e & L o v e  !

Image courtesy of Classic photography

I love all the little details to the wedding day that give a real insight into your personal style. We had a Civil Ceremony which was total true to us & I found it a very romantic affair that we shared with close friends & family ! We had a red carpet up the aisle & then delicate rose petals & candles in hurricane glasses up the side of the aisles to complete the look like the picture above!

When it comes to your wedding day its important to make it your own & right for you two as a couple ! Who cares what anyone else thinks ! This day is all about you two and so enjoy it & have things that make you happy & smile. It is so true that we can sometimes compare ourselves to others and what they had and what they did. Don't do it girlies, it's your day so do it your way x x

Monday, 23 August 2010

It's Monday morning & I think it would be nice to start the day with a deep & meaningful phrase. I like this one as it is so very important to appreciate people that surround you and treat others as you would want yourself to be treated ! So Love, be Happy & make others smile with your actions peeps x x

Words taken from ' Wedding vows and tradition' by Cathy Howes. Font & colours created by Moi !

Enjoy & I will see you all on Wednesday x x

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Good Morning all. I went on an ickle bag mission yesterday but I couldn't resist in showing you this additional treat today. It's not a wedding related bag but could be a really nice honeymoon extra. Or what the hell, just go out and treat yourself with no other reason that it's nearly pay day & we want that bag !! Again I found this on asos but it is an Oasis creation & I think the colours & the floral design are really adorable x

So at last girlies, I am getting back on track with the updated posts & while they aren't always wedding related it doesn't really matter. As long as you like what you see and want to head back again for a further update I am smiling. x x See you Monday for our positive phrase of the day & then later in the week I have got more sweetness for you all x x

Enjoy the weekend break peeps x

Friday, 20 August 2010

It's Friday & I was thinking that we need a little shopping boost ! It's still wedding season & as the AW ranges begin to find there way in stores there are some great new finds out there! & of course the lovely accessories.........well as we all know my love is bags, so on that note a bit of bag love is in order. 

So as every I made my first stop at asos and came across these little treats ! My pick of the day are as follows :

How sleek is this sexy clutch ! This is the perfect bag for many occasions & while it is quite a few pennies for a small ickle bag you would certainly get your use out of this beauty.

Ouch this is one sexy clutch by the very awesome Karen Millen !

Then we have this very feminine treat from yes you guessed it ASOS

I love the colour mix of this pastel bag with the sexy black number ! Works really well, don't you agree ? x

Ruffles are still everywhere and feminine girlies details are so key for the AW trends so check out asos for more lovely styles. So pretty X

Monday, 16 August 2010

Ok, yet again I was supposed to have this set at scheduled so you had it earlier in the week, but something went wrong and its been sat in my drafts for the last few days ! Great one, so girlies lets try again x

Well hellllooooo, at last we have a lovely phrase for the day ! yippee, seems like ages since we had one of these. Enjoy all and I will see you girlies on Friday x x

Words taken from ' Wedding vows and tradition' by Cathy Howes. Font & colours created by Moi !

Thought it was a phrase for the day that would make others smile ! 
x x x  x

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Ok, at last the time out is over peeps !  I was in need of an ickle vacation from Dainty B. You know when your creative juices aren't flowing and sometimes things begin to be a chore instead of just enjoying the fruitful road & going with the flow ! Well the last week or so was a bit like that for me ! I have been very busy with my day job & then out of work a few things have been keeping me busy then the blog addition wasn't really happening so a time out for moi !  I now feel back on track & so ready to inspire with some gorgeous wedding treats.

But first I must update you on my last minute opportunity do a charity tandem skydive & I tell you girlies it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. What an experience ! What made it for me was that I was able to enjoy it with my hubby & other family members. Great fun ! The charity which we are collecting for is Macmillan, & at the moment my sponsors are quite poor so I need to get a move on and get people donating ! I am not even half way to my £500 target amount ! There's time yet though hey ! If get a little more organised I will add a few pics on the blog for you to see ! Just amazing x 

I have also been on a little camping vacation with my family & adorable nephew and niece to Wales ! I had such a great time & I loved the camping experience! We also seemed to hit it lucky with the weather too. The only thing that was missing was the hubby as he had other work commitments. Nevermind, defo next year.
So lets get back on the wedding track & for today I am just going to leave you with this
adorable wedding invite that I found on the very fabulous Stylemepretty. L.U.S.H !

This is only a brief post for tonight, but I just wanted to let you know ickle Di is back to her blog updates and will hopefully bring a smile to 1 or two faces !

Has anyone missed me ? he he

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Good Morning All,

 This is a little favour post really as I am still on a tad break from the Dainty B blog. Not for much longer mind, ickle di will be back shortly with more scrumptious posts but for today I have an ickle request !

My hubby &  I are doing a sponsored Skydive tomorrow & we need your support for an amazing charity Macmillan Cancer Support ! Ste ( my hubby) had signed up a few months ago now and with a group of our friends and family  are raising large amounts of money for Macmillan. I decided last minute to join up in the crazy event of jumping out of a plane on a tandem skydive ! yikes !

I have so many twitter followers & plenty of you peeps heading over everyday that even if you are able to donate £1.00 each, Macmillan would make lots of money & we would exceed our target of £500.

I have only just created a fundraising page as I am a late addition to this charity event, see below link which is so easy to do & transfers your money straight to the Macmillan Cancer bank account. If you do sponsor us & support ickle di as a Dainty B follower then please add this onto the fundraising page so I can see who's donated !

Quote ' Dainty B. follower supports Macmillan !  

Macmillan Cancer Support is such an amazing charity in helping people affected by Cancer.
Their website is such a huge source of information and helps people in so many ways :

Thank you in advance as this is a huge challenge for me but an amazing charity to give to.

Oh & pictures will follow next week of us on this mad event !

ickle Di