Monday, 26 April 2010

I need an outfit !!!

Ok girls, I have a wedding coming up in less than a month & my tatty wardrobe certainly needs some love !
At the moment I am too busy to go on a big mission around the stores & to be honest I have kinda lost the love with clothes shopping at the moment. That said, accessories are another matter..... I ended up buying myself a new floral bow detail alice band as well as a new floral umbrella yesterday !

I know, a bit silly as it's now spring but I do get the train everyday to & from work & the weather tends to change several times a day ! Take today for instance........I began my journey, quite cold with the good old winter coat with me ( & summer shoes-yes these did not match at all !!)  then I had an ickle walk from the station with a sprinkle of rain, & then I left today with the sun beaming bright ! Great, really helps when trying to decide my working outfits !

Anyway ........when it comes to clothes shopping, I am a little out of practise.

 So that's why I love asos !  

How cute is this dress ?

 It's a warehouse one, however I couldn't see it on their site which is a bit bizarre, but it is available on asos !
So delicate, I just had to show you. It is down to personal taste & this dress does look gorgeous on the model because of her snow white looks ! & nudes are seriously on trend at the moment but for me it's not really an option as I have the wrong skin tone to pull it off,  but hey wanted to show you guys any way !

The bag ? Well that is another accessorize find !

I am loving it in there at the moment. That is where I bought the alice band from, oh & the umbrella & did I mention earlier that I ended up buying the mini purse I blogged about a few weeks ago ! he he . I can't help it ! it's just too girlie in there !!

It looks even prettier in real life ! he he he x x

Maybe I will do another post on bags tomorrow as that is another thing I just love !!!  & who doesn't want to see what fab treats I can find ! & with lots of parties happening, wedding related or not it's shopping time !

See you all then x x

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