Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Good evening girlies.

What a gorgeous fews days hey, it makes such a difference when the suns shining bright don't you think ? The summer gear comes out, the pretty sandals & them all important sunglasses, please please please last Mr Summertime .... we love you x x

I'm afraid it's only an ickle post for tonight, I have to attempt to finish tidying the house from yesterday & get cooking my tea as well as get the good old pj's on as I am a very tired gal !!! I can't complain though as I have just had a lovely long weekend off with my hubby ! We had a really relaxing anniversary & thank you for all the lovely messages & texts, I can''t believe it has been a year ! It has certainly flown by, with a lot of new advertures happening & more in the pipe line ( Oh, I am NOT pregnant before some of you begin to speculate ) he he he.....but I am enjoying writing on this blog, & have a few exciting ideas for it .... all in good time peeps. 

Anyway & I really enjoyed spending a bit of quality time together at the weekend so sorry for the lack of posts.

Oh & I had to just show you these gorgeous flowers Ste sent to the Thistle on the morning of the 24th ! Beautiful peonies ! We had peonies on our wedding day &  they are certainly my favourite flower ever ! So fragile looking, I am in love with them. I attempted to take a few pictures for you all to view, however my camera wasn't on its best behaviour & these pics don't really give my gorgeous peonies justice ! Our living room now smells lovely.....

This picture above was taken in our room at the Thistle, just in cause you noticed the fancy background details, our house is not that grand ! he he x

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