Sunday, 11 July 2010

Good Morning all,

Thought it was about time I showed you some more of the details from our special day.Then fingers crossed next week I can show you the home-made wedding invites and how to create the look behind it.

These little details below were made by moi with a little help from the other half at times of stress. It is quite easy to do & lots of fun. You will need the following : 

  • Computer with a goodish printer - Don't foget your ink cartridges girlies - Make sure you budget for this and have plenty to finish it all off. x
  • Microsoft Word doc of some sort. ( I did use photoshop or illustrator for these but not everyone has those programs & it can easily be done using a word doc instead.)  
  • Card which I ordered from an online business. Probably not the cheapest now but reliable. I ended up buying A4 card for the Menu cards & then cut it to size. I was able to make 3 menu  cards out of 1 piece of card in each colour option - the ivory & the dark blue background.
  • Double sided tape or Spray mount - dependent on budget. Spray mount is expensive but it is very good. Make sure if  you are in an area with lots of fresh air & space as this spray mount glue is strong! 
  • Time & plenty it. These things always take longer than you would first think.x
  • & Patience. he he. There where times when I wanted to chuck the printer up the floor when it wasn't doing what I wanted but hey if you get to this point, walk away & finish another day x

Images courtesy of ClassicPhotography. Thank you guys x

Do you like?

I am sure there are some other little details you will need when making your home-made stationary but its a little early in the morning for me to remember.

Hope this helps though x


  1. Oh these are so lovely.

  2. Thank you girlies x x I am hoping to help my friend with their wedding invites so will be keeping a log of it on here for you all to view.x