Friday, 4 February 2011

As you can see my blog postings are quite irregular at the moment & while I have lots of ideas & creativeness I am wanting to explore further I am kinda not getting very far ! So slowely but surely I am going to begin getting back into this posting lark. Last year when I really homed into it, I enjoyed it so much but with many different things happening at the moment this has really taken a back seat ! Not for too much longer, I hope anyway. So I leave you this week with a little book of inspiration ................. I hope you like !

I love illustrations, fashion illustrations of any type & over Christmas I got lots of beautiful additions to my collection. So with this in mind, I have decided to focus on all my beautiful finds over the next few weeks.

Ok, so the first of my delicate, pretty & romantic books !! This was a Christmas treat & the colours & style are beautiful ! What do you think ?

Beauty in Bloom by Natalie Bloom is available at amazon at a bargain price !

The illustrations are created by Rebecca Wetzler & when I had a look on the internet for other designs, look at the treats I came across !

Stunning !

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