Monday, 22 March 2010

Please can I have one !

Evening peeps,

I have just got back from a busy day out with work, but had chance to quickly pop into accessorize while waiting for my connection trains & oh what a treat ! They have some fab items in at the minute & it was so tempting for me to get the debit card out & shop away.

Don't worry, I resisted on this occasion, but I just had to post some of the treats you can get online, including this summery purse which would be so perfect for any honeymoons coming up girlies. Only £8.00. it's adorable !

I also love these mini clip purses which are only £4.50 ! They are tiny though so only practical to carry small change which is great for your hen weekend when it's up to all the other hens to buy the drinks ! sorted !!


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