Sunday, 21 March 2010

A notebook for the bride to be.

Ok, so looking back on the many many months leading up to our big day, the 1 thing I would never leave the house without was my : 'My wedding bible' ( in other words my note book filled with lots of scribbles )

I bought myself an A5 pretty pattered style, with butterflies on & lines ( this is a must for messy writers such as me ) Then I just got some little white stickers & created divider headers so that it was a little more organised.
i.e. section titled : money / guest info / supplier info etc....

I love this paperchase notebook available online. I think the colours are gorgeous :

I also love this delicate notebook from Harrods. It is a slimline style but is gorgeous & very reasonable at £6.95.

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  1. Agreed a real must have for planning your big day! Mine goes everywhere with me! x