Friday, 30 April 2010

24.05.09...Our Special day x

The Order of Service booklet .......

I love making things & being creative so it was very important for me to make a lot of the stationary details myself.

The only advise I would give is to start early as it always ends up taking longer than you originally hoped. x x Oh & enjoy it  !

This above photo is courtesy of classic photography.

I typed & printed the Order of Service booklets myself & then using the sewing machine I added a row of contrast stitching to make it stand out more !

I also added a small glass heart charm to the top corner to finish each booklet off !

 Hope you like !

Here are a few close-up photo's, however as you can see they aren't as professional as the 1 above that David & Jane captured on our wedding day. I have just taken these 2 on my small camera ( note to oneself -start a penny bank for a new wide lense camera please ) x

Oh & I got these heart details from the bead shop in Manchester. It worked out a real bargain. They have some gorgeous charms there !

Check it out on-line

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