Friday, 30 April 2010

Party Bags......

Morning girlies.

Well I did say I would do this fancy bag post a few days ago but it's been kinda busy ! But with the bank holiday nearly here & wedding season certainly upon us , it's time to get shopping for the essential evening bag accessory to go with that well thought outfit.

So here are a few of the many favourites out there .......

This very sexy clutch is currently available at a new funky site called IL2L.

 It's in the sale as well, even better !

A few people I know have bought things from there & say the delivery on items is spot on !

They also do some great mens & ladies leather & pleather jackets. It's my hubby's birthday coming up so that could be an option as it's so hard to know what to buy him !
Maybe I could do a post in a few weeks concentrating on men's treats ? What do we think ?

Anyway once again I have digressed........

So I love these two sweet clutches by Karen Millen at asos. A bit more on price than the one above but worth it if you have a few weddings coming up !
Bows are still on trend & I love them !!!

I had a lot of Bow details for my wedding, from jewellery through to the bridesmaid dresses & the cake ! That is another post .... oh, how exciting all these things to tell you about....

I love the below one for colour, but girls be warned this gal has taken it a little to the extreme.... We all love bows but try not to go overboard.

 Either / or...... but not both !
I  do like this dress below but I personally would have teamed it up with a contrast bag !
Just my thought on it x he he

Ok, last one for today but prehaps this should be a regular post ? There are so many gorgeous bags about & girls who doesn't like bags ?

This is a French Connection one but again I spotted it on asos. ! Asos is just so fab for getting everything you need from the same place !

Oh & this is available in 2 colours ! Even better.x

Enjoy your day peeps x

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