Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Travel extra's continued........

Hey Peeps

After the recent Cath Kidston overload I thought it was only right to show you what other travel treats I came across. Just you wait........

These passport holders are so quirky and with all flights back on track after that volcanic ash drama, it's time to get packing !

This is actually a John Lewis option & I think its well funky !

& these 2 below are topshop creations. I love the design of these.

Got a long flight ahead of you ? well how adorable is this eye mask by moschino !

Currently 'out of stock' but it does have a price tag of $130.00 so maybe not ! yep girls,adorable but well and truly out of budget ! We can admire instead.

Oh so  Cute !

I did however come across this asos version but again 'out of stock' so fingers crossed they get some more in soon as I would love this !

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