Thursday, 22 April 2010

You smell so sweet !

One important factor to consider for your special day is your beautiful smell of perfume !
 I love the fact that everytime I spray my wedding day perfume all those gorgeous memories come flooding back & it truly makes me smile !

Perfume is a very individual thing & it also depends on what your other half likes, but ste & I narrowed it down to 2 perfumes for our special day : 

  'Princess' by Vera Wang
 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs.

I had never wore either perfume before, but both smelt divine. In the end it was the perfect choice of 'Daisy', so fresh & romantic.

This wedding photo was taken by David & Jane at Classic photography.
tank you guys x x

A good tip is to always think ahead & buy in the sales ! Weddings as we know are a pricey time & perfume can be quite expensive when thinking about everything else you need to buy for your special day. But really girls this is a must buy !!

Every time I spray my 'Daisy' it really does remind me of the big day.

What a decorative bottle as well !

And I just love this gift set !

Oh & for all those girlies who aren't a fan of 'Daisy', then my 2nd choice was going to be 'Princess' by Vera Wang. The bottle & packaging are so girly,& who doesn't want to be the princess on the big day !

Love it ! x x


  1. what a fab wedding pic! love that top photo

  2. Why tank you rach ! ;) Gonna put some more pics on in the next few weeks x x