Friday, 7 May 2010

Birthday Bash !

Well it's friday yet again & I am not sure where the weeks are going !

I am trying my best to get a post a day happening but it seems to be slowely getting behind so bear with me & will get some fab posts on soon.

Just to update on the bank holiday weekend, we had a barbi for my hubby's 30th birthday & I tried to do all the tacky birthday celebrations : balloons /  cake / candles well as plenty of drink for the evening celebrations.

So I have to just tell you a little amusing story about the balloons above !

Ste had been in most of the day & I knew at some point when he went out to get the last minute bits for the barbi I would need to do a mad dash around the house to get all the small colourful balloons & banners up ready ! As I knew this was going to be a bit of a mission I had roped my mum into helping & picking up some huge number balloons for the party !

So ste left & it was all systems go & mum came round with these balloons in hand. I then quickly ran upstairs for something to then hear mum having a little screaming / swearing fit downstairs ! She had burst one of the numbers with her car keys ! yikes !!!  what do we do ? We couldn't just have a number 0 on display !

As you can see we did have both letters in the end as my mum is such a star & rushed back into town to buy another 1 ! 

She also just made it back in time before steve did, so even better ! ppphhhhwww. . . . it was quite a funny thing, maybe you just had to be there !

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