Monday, 17 May 2010

Evening peeps.......

It's only a brief one for tonight i'm afraid, I have had a busy day at work, & need to get my tea & then a little bit more work for me to do....... all good fun though.

Good News............ I have a full Wednesday to go blogging crazy so plan to get several posts at the ready for you guys to check out !

Also with a week until our 1st year wedding anniversary, it is about time I get some pictures on here of our special day !! This is more than likely going to be in a few weeks time so I will keep you posted !

Well , I have just made a trip to Superdrug online & came across an advertisement for 3 for 2 across ALL skincare ! Excellent. Lets go wild !

Anyone got any holidays coming up ?! Well these are my treats for the day !

1st pick  .....

Carmex Lip care ! Moisturing Lip balm ! I actually just bought myself some of this yesterday & smells lovely & makes you lips feel all tingly ! This particular 1 is in the 3 for 2 as well.

One thing you will need on the special day is lip balm / or lip gloss so make sure you put one of the Bridesmaids in charge of this !

2nd pick ...

Hand cream ! With the build up to the wedding it is very important that the nails are given some TLC... I am a shocker when it comes to my nails. I did so well with the lead up to the big day but they are not in the best of states at the minute so a hand cream is always great to have in the handbag !

My favourite ? Vaseline Nail & hand lotion. Smells lush !

Ok, last but not least on the 3 for 2 options.....

Facial Scrub ! This is also on the 3 for 2 however don't forget your cheapest item is free & this option is around the £4.00 mark while the others are more like £2 so buy wisely !

However this is a great buy ! One of my good friends got me into this & while it is personal preference, I love this stuff ! Great on holiday when you need to scrub up after the day the beach ! You can also get it in a miniature form which is great for holidays ! I think that's always the best way to test the product out too !

Oh & of course SUNCREAM is a must for your holly wolly's & Superdrug also have 3 for 2 on a choice of branded sun care !! Good times xx

night night x

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