Wednesday, 19 May 2010

When budget is a big factor in finalising your special day, the decision to have favours for the day guests is surely going to be one thing you question ? Is it really necessary ?

Well again it's down to personal preference, but for me it was nice to have an extra visual on the tables as well as give the guests a little something as a thank you for joining us on our special day ! 

I knew I didn't want the good old traditional almonds as one, I don't like them & two, it's nice to think of something a little different for your day. 
I thought about chocolates, you certainly can't go wrong there but when you end up spending about £1 per person for fancy chocolate, I thought it made more sense to spend a little extra & get something everyone is going to enjoy ! Alcohol ! he he 

Image courtesy of Classic Photography.

I went with ickle miniatures as who doesn't like a free drink at a wedding !! We weren't going to do a free bar as that can be so very expensive & then you always get a few guests who unfortunately take advantage of that & ask for several bottles of wine at every opportunity & get the most expensive cocktails on the menu! Oh & champagne a plenty !

The reason, I say this is I have seen it happen at a wedding I went to and while I hoped my guests would of been respectful of the fact it is a wedding & we are paying lots of pennies out for one day, you are at a wedding to enjoy yourself & free booze is being offered to you on a plate! So who wouldn't take advantage of that !!

So this was 1 of our ways of giving our guests a free drink ! We also did it for the night guests & even brought extra miniatures & handed them out later on,once everyone had vacated to the late bar for more chatting & jenga !!! ( yep we had a giant jenga set up from the day time & all the boys had bets when playing! lots of fun )  
If you do go with miniatures check with your venue that it is allowed !! But of course be clever at how you discuss it with them ! Don't blurt out that the miniatures are for guests so they don't spend a fortune buying your over priced alcohol for example ! It is however a good way of working around their crazy bar prices ! x he he. Prehaps a little sneaky but it worked for us , & I think the guests were chuffed !

We went with Baileys for the ladies ( except me who had vodka as I am a fussy one & don't like it ) & then we went with Jack Daniels for the men. In hine sight,  jack daniels is quite a high percentage alcohol so maybe should of opted for a weaker option as I noticed 1 or 2 of my friends a little too merry before the evening do even began ! he he . oh well its a wedding !! x

So other favours that might float your boat.....well I am going to have a route around for other ideas & if you liked this post let me know & I will get some other alternatives on here as soon as I can ! 

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