Friday, 14 May 2010

Good Afternoon Ladies,

As usual I have been looking at good old Asos for ideas today & came across these gorgeous treats by Disney Couture ! What I love about their range is while Disney is normally seen as a young brand with all your fab character's like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland & tinkerbell from Peter Pan this brand range is just so trendy & unique & I am actually just too excited..... I am looking through all the avaliable jewellery & there are just too many options !

I also love the messages written on some of the jewellery, very inspiring phrases ! Now which one should I buy !

I love this one for the very meaningful word used ! Believe & you can achieve anything !

This particular 'Believe' necklace is in the sale as well !!

I love this necklace, how adorable !

I just went and had a look at House of fraser to compare prices & even though they say on the site that they have £5 off the Disney Couture range it's still more expensive than Asos !

We love Asos !!!

The words on this bangle are also really sweet

'Think Wonderful thoughts' 

Just so adorable !

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