Thursday, 13 May 2010

Ok, I have deliberated for a few weeks now on whether to show you these exciting images as it is giving the game away a litte, or is it ? I hope not & they are everywhere on the internet so I am sure you have probably seen some of these before but I couldn't resist!

 So look who we found in a beautiful lace wedding dress .....

Who can forget 1st time round when Carri wore the most stunning Vivienne Westwood gown :

I love that the bridesmaids ( other sex & the city gals ) wore their own signature colour, that symbolised their character well ! 

So let's wait & see what's in store for our Samantha hey x x


  1. Carrie's dress was Vivienne Westwood

  2. Well, that was daft of me -tank you,I should know my stuff really. will update it now ! need to check my facts before adding stuff ! oopppss x

    means ya reading my post though ! ye ! x