Friday, 28 May 2010

It's a really quick post for you all this morning & then later today I hope to have some more delights to view ! 

Thought this was an adorable phrase !  I like to try & post these ever so often to inspire & hopefully it becomes a source of inspiration for you to use within your wedding. 

I made our own wedding order of service booklets as I mentioned on an earlier post & it is always lovely to include a few of your favourite phrases or poems for others to read. 

We added this little phrase to the back of our booklet for our guests to view. I found it very amusing ! Hope you do too !

Both wordings are taken from 'Wedding vows & traditions ' by Cathy Howes.
x x


  1. Hey Di! Finnaly got around to looking at this blog and it is fab!
    I used the 'A word to husbands' poem for my wedding to accompany the heart shaped tea strainer gift we put on our married guests beds! I love it, and It caused a few giggles with the wives!
    Caroline (Mrs Mace) x

  2. Glad you like x x that's an ace idea with the heart shaped tea strainer gift !!! Loving that! Your wedding looks so stunning & the attention to detail it gorgeous. x