Wednesday, 19 May 2010

R e c o m m e n d a t i o n

Individual fake eyelashes !

Something I would recommend to any bride to be ! Make a trip to your local salon for some individual fake eyelashes. They cost me about £10 for my big day & they were worth every penny !

 I loved them & I felt they really made my eyes stand out & they lasted a good few days as well !! They are glued on individually & look fantastic. I went with a natural option ( I think ) but if you were also tempted for nights out on the town or going to a big wedding event then you can normally get different length options.........from the subtle to the extreme......... 

What do you think ?

Image captured by Classic Photography


  1. Hi!

    Your teasing me with your photos!

    I didn't have false lashes for my wedding, but I did for my hen weekend and they were great, I agree with going for individual lashes though, I had longer ones placed at the corner of my eyes for a Bambi look!


  2. he he. hope to do some more wedding ones in a few weeks.

    False lashes are fab aren't they! Like the idea of just adding them to the corner, might try that next time. x