Saturday, 22 May 2010

When Ste & I discussed the wedding details, the cake wasn’t on the top of the priority list & budget? Well I knew I didn't want to spend too much and where do you start at knowing how much the average wedding cake should cost?! I didn't have a clue & so had a look at several wedding magazines & then on the internet. But really it’s just a cake & some of the prices I came across were crazy! I can see the amount of time and preparation that goes into a cake & it is like a piece of art as there are so many beautiful cakes, but for us two the cake really wasn’t that important but I did still want it to look pretty so what would I do?

In the end we opted for a Marks & Spencers 3 tier cake called: the Romantic pearl. Top tier chocolate, Middle sponge & bottom tier fruit cake. Yippee, we were catering for all the different tastes! We went with the ivory option & then we decorated it the night before with a colourful velvet bow around the top tier & ribbon draping down across the other two layers.

M&S do a great selection as do many of the big department stores. It's really straight forward when ordering it too & if you are organised & plan ahead you might be able to find some good discounts! I have actually just been on the M&S website & they currently have a 3 for 2 on the traditional cake option which are brought in separate tiers !! The traditional option is great as you can then decorate it how you like sitting in with your colour scheme & theme ! I am all excited. I just texted my engaged friend to let her know, however she isn’t getting married till next May so a little too early to be booking the cake !

Photo courtesy of Classic photography. Thank you again guys x

This is our pretty cake & it does look lovely but I wasn't entirely happy with the finishing touches. The table for example didn’t look great as the catering team didn’t quite display everything how I imagined. This is not their fault at all as I had never advised them how I wanted it but it didn’t look too appealing to the eye. They had added all this scrunched up fabric around the table & it wasn’t my cup of tea!! We also asked the florist to add some finishing touches with the flowers but again not what I imagined. We had some beautiful peonies on the day & these would of looked stunning on the top of the cake but the florist went with the roses , which I also love but the colours ended up clashing with the velvet ribbon & he also added some other organza ribbon which really wasn’t in my colour options at all and I just didn’t like it !! I even tried to remove some of it from the front table display but with no joy so had to leave it on !
Photo courtesy of Classic photography. Thank you again guys x

As I am writing this little post I realise I might be coming across as a little picky, but when you get married & you have all these visions & ideas for the big day & small things aren’t quite how you imagined you are allowed to have a little bit of a rant...

Our day was perfect in every way but some of the little extras & these are tiny, weren’t personally how I wanted it but hey what can you do ! Not that I am a perfectionist ( well, ok maybe ) I am very particular when it comes to colour & presentation as I come from a design background & knew what I wanted visually........ & I was disappointed with a few things and the organza ribbon was one of them ....oh & the tacky butterflies used on the flower displays........ but that is another story x x

Enough of my moan.... back to the cake in the end we actually forgot to do the cutting of the cake in front of everyone ! We did the rehearsal for the photographers who were fab, but we completely forgot the real one as we were too busy having fun. Oh well it’s only the cake! The guests did get to taste it still as we passed it out later on in the evening so all worked out well in the end.....

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