Monday, 21 June 2010

Cup of tea peeps ?

My goodness, I have so many scrumptious details to show you but I don't know which to start with & I can't seem to get one post finished before I see something else. All these treats I keep finding are just to sweet for words.

So tonight is just a little snippet of what is to come this week from moi !

These adorable heart sugar lumps are available at Cox&Cox

So if you haven't guessed it, this post is about T.E.A. ! 

I know extremely random but anyone who knows me, would giggle if I said I was a fan of a cuppa or two ! I adore it !!! Not just having cups of tea, but buying beautiful tea cups& saucers / delicate mugs & basically anything even a teeny tiny bit related. With this little obsession out in the open, I have decided to have a week dedicated to all things tea like!! You will be suprised at some of the adorable gift ideas, favors details & many more wedding thoughts that I have come across. I can't wait to share some of these finds as they are just amazing!!

So for all you girlies who like the sound of that, check out the above collection by welovekaoru at Liberty. Ok , so these do cost a fair few pennies, but they are certainly a memorable keep sake gift &at £22.50 each for the below, I might even have to invest in a few !! well actually that's a little out of budget so maybe I will add them to the Christmas list instead then !

Oh & D for diane ( that's ickle me ! ) & S for my gorgeous hubby Steve ! I love it !

 Oh & one last image for you guys to get excited about...... Oh la la , what do you think ? Tea mixed with craft elements, that's just my cup of tea that ! he he he

This cute crochet tea cup pin cushion by yummy knits is available at NotonthehighStreet.

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