Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Evening girlies,

I have just been on twitter doing some of this tweeting business & I came across this gorgeous hand-made vintage jewellery by My Lavaliere at Etsy. Adorable !!! These are my favourite individual designs from a large inspiring collection of treats.

Stuck for a unique & individual bridesmaid gift ? Well these are just perfect !!!

My Lavaliere is inspired by nature & history ! This treat is $21.00 usd

This statement piece is only $21.00 usd. So elegant !

This swallow locket necklace is only $25.00 usd. You really must check this site out. So individual, I adore them all. x

That was supposed to be the last one but then I came across these additional delights !

I found this umbrella necklace really quirky & the flower detail just completes the look. Bargain at $20.00 usd

The sewing Machine necklace is $21.00 usd ! I think this is a must have buy once I return from my holidays ! 

& last but not at all least is this beautiful ivory flower bird necklace & it's only
 $23.00 usd.

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