Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I know, I know, I'm a bad blogger & I should of posted a few treats for you all yesterday so because of that I thought it was about time I gave you a little snippet of my beautiful dress I wore for our special day !

I don’t want to be giving too much a way too soon as I do have a huge post in work which really focuses in on my precious dress. I couldn’t resist this ickle post for today, as I keep noticing all the beautiful creations currently available for this season & noticing all the catwalks are with this off the shoulder option ! Seems my trend research over 18months ago was spot on ! What am I talking about ? Well I decided to make my own wedding dress for our special day ! Believe me it wasn’t an easy task but I enjoyed every minute making it & more importantly wearing it on our wedding day ! I felt like a real fairy princess & as you can see it was the off-the shoulder option that I opted for with French Chantilly lace sitting across the one shoulder and over the front bodice. Do you like ?

Images courtesy of Classic Photography.

Do bare with me as I hope to indulge in the process & ideas behind my dress in more detail in the near future ! I am however trying to balance the day job, this exciting new adventure & of course more importantly quality time with my very patient hubby & family & friends. Surely I will get the balance right one day? This blog however has become quite a creative outlay for me & I am enjoying the current path I am travelling on! I have so many ideas for this blog & hopefully over time & hard work I will get more & more of you lovely girlies enjoying my posts & inspiration.

night for now. x Oh & I haven't fogotten about the marquee details pics from Beth & Eddie's wedding, I still need to download all the pictures & don't want to rush it so please be patient.........

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  1. Can I ask where your Bridesmaids shoes are from? They look like they would be perfect for my girls! x