Monday, 28 June 2010

I was feeling creative this morning, so with that I sat at the computer screen informing you of my exciteable mood. Does anyone find that some days putting words to paper can be a little frustrating , I can be looking at the screen for a good half hour & feel no further on ! This is normally my cue to give up for the day. Today is not one of those days, the complete opposite in fact so let me waffle on.........

I have been thinking about how I can improve on Dainty Brides, the blog. I am constantly trying to develop it further, adding my own individual stamp to it but this of course takes time. So as time has being a little squeezed at my end recently I have invested in a new ‘net book’ & now have an extra hour on the way to work & on the way home, ready to write all these thoughts down !! Genius!! It’s all coming together, ok slowly but it’s a start.

I am a gal on a mission, & need some focus and organisation to this little creative mind. So these are my thoughts:

Instead of rushing after work to get some sort of post together for you gals to read & not really having anything substantial to show , I feel it will work best to organise my week a little better with set days & direction.

Let’s start with a Monday....That’s today I see.

We all need a little pick me up boost as we begin our working week, so my aim is to post you a little lift me up phrase to focus on for the day!  Hang on; this is supposed to be a wedding blog I hear to shout?  Ye, ye, I know! My other half keeps informing me of this every time I have my random post of the week. But to me there is something behind the madness. While yes this is a wedding blog, filled with lots of cutesy finds & inspiration to help with the planning of your special day, it also needs to differ from the other tons of creative & successful alternatives out there! So how can I make mine vary?

While I am a lover of the real-life wedding posts & stunning photography of such talented guys out there, fab sites are already covering this & why try & compete with something that is working so well. Ok so compete for me isn’t the right word ! Ye, I am a competition to other blogs ( ok not yet, but with time maybe ) and we all want the readership. We would love that you guys head to our site as often as possible & love what you see, but for me it is always healthy competition & one that I find directional. We all have our own unique way & it is important to let that shine as well as let others shine too. If I see a site that I think looks & reads well, I will be inspired by it, & it will no doubt have an impact on me, making me focus on a new direction. My own direction though. As a designer it is important to have your own stamp & own personality visible. Never try to be someone else, copy other peoples style, this isn’t true to one self. Of course we are influenced by others but this should be the stop point. Follow you own journey of individuality & blossom!

So with that I am going to leave Monday evening with this inspirational phrase from the Wedding vows & traditions book by Cathy Howes. I hope you like & enjoy the rest of your day & hopefully see you Wednesday ! x x


  1. The blog is looking fab Diane, I check it everyday! keep up the good work:) x

  2. Tank you Rach x x its work in progress. x x enjoying the creative process x