Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ok girlies, the Wednesday post didn't quite happen as I am not very well ! Feeling a tad better now as dosed up on cold & flu tablets but this will be very brief. I don't have flu as there would be no chance I would able move from the bed to write this ickle message but it is a poo cold & I got a bit of a migraine earlier so felt a little sorry for myself. So you will have to wait till next week now to find out how I will be focusing the Wonderful Wednesday posts, so instead see one I made earlier. he he. Luckily this was supposed to be my Thursday post as I was organised ish for once , so for this week only here it is for you to read.......

Now its time for me to rest !

Wow I was  in a waffling mood on Monday. So where was I......... actually I don’t know, I digressed quite drastically & as we can see from Monday we are going to have an inspirational phrase for the day going forward! This might be wedding related, it might not! If it’s positive & cheery or cares hey!!  My way of looking at it is, if you like what you see & it makes to think about your week ahead in a good way, its doing what I set out to do!!

I feel the need to follow on a little further from my babble though & tell you about a fabulous book which was a very brief source of inspiration for me Monday called ‘ The goddess experience’ by Gisele Scanlon. Entitled ' What makes you happy ? '

A very thoughtful gift off my hubby for our first year wedding anniversary & a very informative girly book! Her personality shines through in this book, her style of writing is her own & the imagery for me just gets my creative mind flowing & so after looking at this for literally 5mins at the train stop Monday, I wrote a mini essay!!

Good going Gisele, thank you for the inspiration!

So this is one of the many pages of funky talk ! I love fashion trends & fashion illustrations so books like this are my source of inspiration !! But this book is full of ideas & girly secrets. Contents include : A new way of looking / Luxury / Fashion / travel / home / Beauty.........

As you have probably noticed I keep going off the wedding track ! It is kinda wedding related for me as I got it as an anniversary gift but for all you lovely ladies, how is this helping you prepare & inspire for your big day ?! Well it probably isn't but it could be a little light reading for your honeymoon or leading up to the wedding maybe ?

So with this in mind, going forward Tuesday or Thursday, dependent on my work timetable is going to be an  'Anything goes' post ! I will be looking out for lots of treats that interest me & that I think you will also enjoy. Who are you girlies who keep coming back to read on ? Ye, there probably are a few of you who are brides to be but what about all those girlies who have got married ( me included ) & still want to have a piece of the wedding cake ! Or those girlies out there who aren’t engaged ( Yet, I must stress ) & just love going to weddings as well as secretly planning their own in great detail before having that ring on the finger. I am in no doubt that time will come for you gals so it’s best to prepare early I say! He he, so with all this in mind I want to make sure I don’t single anyone out by only focusing all my time on set wedding posts !!
Ahhh yes, we can't forget those sexy single ladies out there, I do also want to cater for you, yes you ! I was that girl for a long time too & loved it & as a single lady ( Beyonce ‘all the single ladies’ doesn’t seem to want to remove it self from my head ) we need sexy outfits for nights out,( or wedding’s) & then you need to think about gifts for these weddings & gifts for one self , so on and so forth, so really I could posts about anything I bloody well wanted to & I am sure one of you girlies will like what you see & can hopefully use it / be inspired by it / research it further etc with that in mind I decided to go ahead and write about this awesome book anyway !

What do you think ?

So for today I leave you with a bit more of Gisele ! Check it out at amazon here. Love it ! x

This is such a quirky looking book & could be a great option for a bridesmaid gift ! I thought Ste did really well finding this treat ! Thank you Hubby. x

Oh & don't worry we will be having a few days that are truly Wonderful wedding write-ups but that will be discussed further tomorrow. x x

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