Tuesday, 6 July 2010

As it's an ' Anything Goes' post today, I thought I would focus in on scarfs ! Yes, my lovelies another favourite of mine ! My thought on scarves are that they can brighten up any oufit . I have quite a large scarf collection & depending on my  mood depends what option I go for,will it be that mulit-coloured one, the long one, funky one ! Oh decisions hey. Some of my thinner scarves are even nice as belt details !  

So it's been a while since I made a stop off at Asos. So here are my favourite finds on there for today ! Hope you like !

This floral one is gorgeous & very on trend at the moment ! From this picture it looks quite a wide option so could also be made into a little shawl for any of those breezy evenings out.

I like this one for the mixture in colours. This would work well as a little scarf belt matched up with a denim mini ! Nice. x

Pretty !! I like head scarfs on holiday as they keep the tatty fringe out ya face when you are trying to catch a mini tan x

This whole outfit is lush ! Very understated but styish at the same time ! A simple T-top with a waterfall cardi & then finished off with a delicate & patterned scarf of your choice ! Works well hey ? x x x

& this last one is just fab for a bit of colour ! Glam !

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  1. Love these scarves - especially that one that's used as a head scarf, gorgeous!