Sunday, 18 July 2010

At last I have a few photo's of my wedding invites to show you. Now unfortunately my camera is having a bit of an off-day & has decided to not be as clear & bright as I would have liked ! Think it is a little hungover like me ! he he. Yes, a late night for me, & after about 6 vodka's, blackcurrant & lemo I was still up for partying. This meant being quite delicate today but not that bad considering, I am up & on the computer instead of in my cosy bed wallowing in my own self-pity  )

Sorry, digressed there slightly, anyway here are a few tips when making your own wedding invites! A lot of fun but make sure you give yourself plenty of time to make them as everything always takes longer than you would like !

  • A good tip when adding ribbon details is to burn the ends of the ribbon to stop it from fraying !  Keep an eye on it though as you don't want the whole ribbon catching fire, but it is a great idea to melt the edges as I did below  ! Works a treat.

  • Always try to bare in mind how time-consuming it could end up being ! I went abit over board with the detailing which meant everything took longer than expected ! The more layers of card you have the more double sided tape & time you need ! Lots of fun though, but do consider this when picking the style & design .x

  • We went with pocketfold invites as I wanted to add information on the venue as well as directions for the guests to have. We also had a map which added a bit of colour to the invites.

I hope you like the style of them, not the best pictures I know but I tried !

Enjoy your day all x

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