Saturday, 17 July 2010

Well hello Ladies,

So hopefully this Sunday I am going to show you an ickle bit more of the wedding invites I created for our special day but while I am compiling this I thought it was only right to pass on this website Stylemeprettty to all you lovely girlies to look at for inspiration ! This was my source of inspiration when I was researching back in 2008 /2009 & since then an array of gorgeous UK sites have been created with a similar feel including my very favourite Rockmywedding. I love them both & Stylemepretty is just amazing with such adorable imagery & ideas for your special day. You really could spend hours looking through this website & I really love it x x 
Go get yourself a good cuppa, some choco biscuits & enjoy the read !

So after having a little sneak peep on there myself this morning, this is my image of the day !  I love anything floral & this is such a cute idea for your guests & it really is an easy & inexpensive detail to re-create too ! Check it out : Stylemepretty

While for this week I am looking at Wedding invites I feel in the near future I must try this DIY project out for all you girlies to view. I think a trip to paperchase is in order to get those creative juices flowing ! I also have another cutesy idea that you girlies might like, please be patient & I will try my best to have it on here to view shortly.

Oh la la, I have got a little giddy about this now . x x 

Enjoy your day peeps, I am off out with the hubby on a fun golf comp today ! Yes I know golf isn't really a sport I would say I enjoy but it's a good chance to catch up with friends, spend time with my favourite man & enjoy the surroundings ! Oh my family are also playing in this comp today so a good catch up is in order & of course we need to win !

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