Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Cath Kidston  is a big love of mine & I have several different CK delights in my house, some of which I showed you a few weeks ago now ! Well I was having a good look on the internet & came across these sale treats that I needed to tell you about asap !!!

John Lewis currently has a sale on some of these CK products & these two options are half price !! Love it !  Any birthdays coming up ? I am actually really excited about these & might have to think as far ahead as Christmas & get some of these ready for pressies !

Look what else I noticed ! Now these weren't in the sale but I thought they could be lovely little extras for your weddng day details & wanted to show you a little more of CK heaven !

Do you have a country Vintage style wedding day coming up ? With adorable bridesmaid dresses that sit in with this theme ? How cute would it be to add these CK scented pocket hangers on to the dresses ! I think these are really sweet & you could team it up with these suit bags to put your bridesmaid dresses in to keep clean & tidy ! Thumbs up from moi !

I know I keep getting carried away with all these Sale posts but when there are so many deals out there I can't resist in telling you about them ! Weddings are an expensive time so any treats at  bargain prices are great news for the bank balance !

Anyway that's all for today but with a truly wonderful wedding wednesday around the corner, I would head back tomorrow girlies for more scrumptious posts from moi !  

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