Wednesday, 14 July 2010


It's Wonderful Wednesday & 'Bridal affire' day, so I have decided to concentrate on Nightwear ! What, I hear you say ! How the hell has nightwear got anything to do with a Wedding !! Well, the night before the big day is one of calm & relaxation ( hopefully ) & how much better would it be if you had a brand new pair of Pj's or a camisole set! Also girlies it is important to be thinking of the morning of the wedding while getting your hair & make-up done ! A new set is a must in my eyes & one I didn't think about at the time ! The last few weeks leading up to my big day where so hectic & somehow I seemed to miss buying a new pair of pj's & really regret it ! Sounds silly I know but I love pj's & love it when you get into bed wearing a new pair! We also stayed at the venue the night before & so nightwear should have been factored into the weekends events !

I have also seen many a photo where the bridesmaids & the bride to be all have matching loungewear !  This is a great idea if the budget covers it & makes for more excitement & fun on your special day. But if budget is a little squeezed then check out these finds - all in the sale, but girlies this means limited availability in sizes so get on Asos asap !

Girlies, Asos also have a huge selection of lingerie so it could be a great place to pick up a few treats for the honeymoon ! Go make yourself a tea or coffee, & just stroll through the array of finds on this site. Enjoy the shop x x

How adorable !

I thought these spotted pj bottoms where so cute !! Maybe the bride to be &her  bridesmaids could all buy a pair of the bottoms & then head to primark for a coloured vest top at a bargain price. Then get all your names printed on the back & the date of the wedding ! Just an idea ?

& last but not least this printed camisole for only £12.00. x

Now the matching trousers are out  of  stock, however I personal would team this delicate top with a block colour trouser as a printed bottom might be a bit too much ! Even a charcoal jersey option would look good ! Now these below are just an example as they too are out of stock but I am sure you could pick up a cheap pair from the high street that would be suitable. x 
Night all  x x

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