Sunday, 1 August 2010

Good Morning All,

 This is a little favour post really as I am still on a tad break from the Dainty B blog. Not for much longer mind, ickle di will be back shortly with more scrumptious posts but for today I have an ickle request !

My hubby &  I are doing a sponsored Skydive tomorrow & we need your support for an amazing charity Macmillan Cancer Support ! Ste ( my hubby) had signed up a few months ago now and with a group of our friends and family  are raising large amounts of money for Macmillan. I decided last minute to join up in the crazy event of jumping out of a plane on a tandem skydive ! yikes !

I have so many twitter followers & plenty of you peeps heading over everyday that even if you are able to donate £1.00 each, Macmillan would make lots of money & we would exceed our target of £500.

I have only just created a fundraising page as I am a late addition to this charity event, see below link which is so easy to do & transfers your money straight to the Macmillan Cancer bank account. If you do sponsor us & support ickle di as a Dainty B follower then please add this onto the fundraising page so I can see who's donated !

Quote ' Dainty B. follower supports Macmillan !  

Macmillan Cancer Support is such an amazing charity in helping people affected by Cancer.
Their website is such a huge source of information and helps people in so many ways :

Thank you in advance as this is a huge challenge for me but an amazing charity to give to.

Oh & pictures will follow next week of us on this mad event !

ickle Di

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