Monday, 16 August 2010

Ok, yet again I was supposed to have this set at scheduled so you had it earlier in the week, but something went wrong and its been sat in my drafts for the last few days ! Great one, so girlies lets try again x

Well hellllooooo, at last we have a lovely phrase for the day ! yippee, seems like ages since we had one of these. Enjoy all and I will see you girlies on Friday x x

Words taken from ' Wedding vows and tradition' by Cathy Howes. Font & colours created by Moi !

Thought it was a phrase for the day that would make others smile ! 
x x x  x


  1. i always love seeing your quotes for the day!!!! makes me smile xx

  2. awwww, thank you,& that's made me smile, all in all a good day x x x x x