Wednesday, 25 August 2010

R o m a n c e & L o v e  !

Image courtesy of Classic photography

I love all the little details to the wedding day that give a real insight into your personal style. We had a Civil Ceremony which was total true to us & I found it a very romantic affair that we shared with close friends & family ! We had a red carpet up the aisle & then delicate rose petals & candles in hurricane glasses up the side of the aisles to complete the look like the picture above!

When it comes to your wedding day its important to make it your own & right for you two as a couple ! Who cares what anyone else thinks ! This day is all about you two and so enjoy it & have things that make you happy & smile. It is so true that we can sometimes compare ourselves to others and what they had and what they did. Don't do it girlies, it's your day so do it your way x x

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