Sunday, 30 May 2010

Afternoon all........ just to update on yesterday's post, we didn't actually make it to the trafford for our much needed shopping spree. Yep, as usual I was behind schedule & with too much still to do, I decided to route out the old favourites from the wardrobe & pick a suitable option later at the hotel we were staying at. I opted for the black number in the end which I know isn't very colourful for a wedding but it does seem to be little bit more acceptable now a days & I thought it was quite a girly black number with lots of corsage detailing going on!

This is only a brief post but I will hopefully be updating you tomorrow on the fabulous evening reception of Beth & Eddie. The marquee was set up so perfectly, Beth had thought of every little detail & it showed, it looked gorgeous, I can't wait to show you all some of the pictures. Here is an ickle sneak peek of the delights of Beth's & Eddie's evening reception. As you can see below, Beth had organised a photo booth area filled with props & such a fab vintage photo frame for those silly drunken pictures. hehehe....

I admit I was a little tipsy & from these pictures you won’t disagree but don’t you just love the props they had !! big thumbs up from me & gem B x x x


  1. I know, rach the detail that went into the marquee was gorgeous ! got some more pics to add on tomorrow hopefully so keep a look out. x x