Friday, 23 July 2010

I adore Jenny Packham. Her work is beautiful & the delicate fabrics that Jenny works with are amazing. I have seen this next image a few times, in many gossip mags & bridal mags & wanted to share with you all as this stunning gown makes me want to attempt another dress ! I love it & would love to try & re-create something as detailed & as wonderful as this ! But it's a difficult task & one at the minute I am not going to even try. This gown has a very structured bodice which for me is difficult. I work best on the manniquin with simple patterns that I can re-work with the main focus being on the fabrics & details I use to the dress. My pattern cutting skills aren't that advanced,  I don't think, maybe I could take inspiration from this & start my own version. hhhhmmmm, thats another idea to add to the list !

So instead I admire this image below and think WOW this is utterly gorgeous & if I got to do my wedding day all over again a Jenny Packham dress it would be. Well if it was in price range that is, they are amazing dresses but also quite pricey so maybe I would just admire from a far ! This particular dress that Miley Cyrus has on is approx £14,000 if I read the article in one of my bridal mags correctly ! ouch.......but still its a stunner & if you had the money who wouldn't want this beauty ! Don't panic though girlies Jenny Packham dresses aren't normally as crazy priced as this, but you would be looking at a few thousand pounds for a JP dress, worth every penny in my eyes though.  x

I can't stop admiring this dress ! It makes me want to organise a trip to London sometime soon to check out the gorgeous Berwick street again as the fabric shops down there are like a huge sweet shop to me & get my creative juices flowing ! If I do make a trip, i will try to take some pictures for you all to see what I am talking about as these fabric stores have everything from delicate lace, to stunning chiffon silks to beading trims & the most stunning tulles you can imagine. I am getting all excited at the thought of it !

Right task for this weekend book a trip to 'London Baby' x

So for today I leave you with this other Jenny Packham beauty ! The raw edging on this dress looks gorgeous, you can just tell from this image that the fabrics used on this dress will  just drape so well when worn & I can imagine this model floating around like a little angel fairy in it !

I love it x x

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