Sunday, 25 July 2010

Yikes, Sunday already ! I can't believe how fast these weeks are going ! My thoughts were to do a DIY post today but I'm not that organised & so its going to be a little info post, giving you a small insight into the new ideas & features that are to follow for Dainty B.

I only started this blog a few months ago now & I am really enjoying the creativeness of it all & the colourful, wedding related posts that I get to look at  & develop further ! It means I get to surround myself with more wedding delights & its making me smile! It is also very handy as I am helping friends of ours who are set to get married later next year so all this research is being put to good use.I am actually going to be helping them with a number of ickle details including their wedding invites so as I do the research I will keep you all in the loop & show you how the designing process goes, where I am sourcing any materials & of course the finished article ( this will be once the invites have been delivered of course , don't want to give the game away ! )

Also a good friend of mine who is getting married next May is going to be making an appearance on Dainty B. in the near future. Believe me this gal is one organised lady & it will make for some great posts for you girlies. I keep hearing all the updates for this special day & I am very excited , this is going to be one fab wedding ! whoop whoop.

As this is a new blog it is important to try & get as many girlies reading it & hopefully telling their friends about it so I get even more readership. Now while I have an amazing 600+ followers on twitter, my facebook group page & followers link on this page are pretty low, so if you like what you see all I ask is that you follow me & pass it on for others to see.

My facebook group page can be found here. Just click on L.I.K.E if you are a fan. x x

So for today I am going to finish this post with an ickle good luck wish to my hubby who is currently running Tough Guy for Charity & fingers crossed makes it safely over the finish line. This is one extreme charity event with an 8 mile run & then a truly crazy obstacle course that follows. I am not joking when I say fire / underwater tunnels & barb-wire make an appearance. I am currently a nervous wreck till I hear my phone ring & know he has passed the finish line with no cuts or bruises ! Yikes .x x  


Oh & make sure you head back tomorrow as I have a very positive phrase for Monday & I hope it makes any of you girlies who are feeling a tad low, or under the weather a little more optimistic ! x x

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